The Business

Home Grown Food Products (HGFP) is a small-scale, intentional food processing business making all natural, holistically healthy food products for the benefit of our community. We are located in Wolf Creek, Oregon, a town of jsut over 2,000 residents in the gorgeous Siskiyou Mountains, 20 miles north of Grants Pass.  HGFP was founded in the Winter of 2012 by its former owner-operators, David Kellner-Rode and Alex Freedman, who are both trained, experienced, and passionate farmers and food processors.  Alex took over the operations in 2015, and has since passed the torch to Lucas Knapp, a dedicated nutrition enthusiast and chef.  HGFP is a fully licensed and registered LLC.

But at HGFP, it’s not just what we make; it’s how we make it.  We’re guided by our core values of health, stewardship, and community, which determine everything we do.  We never use chemical or artificial preservatives or additives of any kind.  All of our ingredients are organic, and fresh from the farm whenever possible.


Our products are made in small-batches, processed and packaged in our own kitchen.  We ferment our products in ceramic crocks rather than plastic to ensure health, safety, and quality.  All of our lacto-fermented products are unpasteurized, and instead are kept under constant refrigeration, maintaining their health benefits.  Every jar we sell has passed our rigorous taste and quality testing regimen.  Our products are made by hand – our goal is to make the highest-quality, healthiest food products we can.