About The Goods

Our mission is to revive, renew, and sustain traditional methods of processing seasonal foods fresh from the farm and garden to enhance their flavor, health benefits, and shelf-life.  We make unpasteurized Lacto-fermented foods with no chemical ingredients, maintaining the health benefits of their live active cultures. Lacto-fermentation is a natural fermentation process in which a series of micro-organisms, including species of lactobacillus, consume sugars present in raw foods, producing flavorful lactic acid while simultaneously preserving, enriching, and breaking down the foods, creating healthy, long-lasting, easy-to-digest products.  Our product line depends on seasonal recipes and compelling, creative, and unique flavor combinations, including Curry Sauerkraut, Sour Dill Pickles, and Cucumber-Kale Kim Chi.

About Me

A Florida native, but world adventurer, I’ve long incorporated into my life the lesson food is medicine. Now, as a small business owner, I’m bringing that belief to your shelves. – Lucas Knapp, Owner



For details about where to find our products, how to host a workshop, inquiries about catering events, and more, please contact us.